Vision Zero Plan and Lawson Bikeway Approved

Vision Zero Plan and Lawson Bikeway Approved

In surprising unanimous votes, the Cupertino Vision Zero Plan (VZ) and the Lawson Middle School Protected Bikeway were approved by the City Council on July 9, 2024. Both of these projects will significantly improve safety for all residents in the city.Thank you to all...

Mori Point: Breathtaking Cool Hike

Mori Point: Breathtaking Cool Hike

The 2024 Summer Solstice happened on June 20. Looking at our local weather forecast next week, aren’t you discouraged from going out to hike in the burning heatwave? Remember we are so close to the Pacific coast! Great time to escape into the cool ocean breeze!  Last...

Join us in our advocacy for safe and enjoyable walking and biking in Cupertino for all ages and abilities.

Whether you live in, work in, or visit Cupertino. Whether you want to increase biking and walking for health, sustainability, traffic reduction, or active transportation to schools, Walk Bike Cupertino  speaks to your concerns and makes your voice count. Join us today!

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On-street protected bike lanes at Lawson Middle School

There are documented safety issues for students and local cyclists on the streets adjacent to Lawson Middle School.

The Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission approved the recommended plan of the city staff after extensive public outreach. This plan includes on-street protected bike lanes along Vista Dr. and Forest Ave. This will reduce parking but dramatically improve safety for students walking and biking. YOUR email would be helpful in support of this project.

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Meet friends in the WBC Club on Strava!

Walk Bike Cupertino is excited to announce we are now on Strava! It’s a great and free way for our community to:

  • Share walks, hikes, runs, and rides with other members
  • Meet like-minded residents
  • Track your activities and set goals

Information you need for you and your family

Walk Bike Cupertino makes sure that if you like to walk, bike, run or hike, we’ve got the most up-to-date information for you. Click any of the blocks below to learn more!

City Projects

Costs, timing, & information on what’s happening in your neighborhood


Local maps of where to walk, hike or bike, plus student, Safe Routes, and accident data.


Upcoming local events for all ages, and meetings on biking and walking issues.


Safety tips for all ages, and accident data, plus report your safety concerns here!

About Walk Bike Cupertino

Safe & Enjoyable Walking & Biking

Walk Bike Cupertino advocates for safe and enjoyable walking and bicyling for all ages and abilities in our community, including:

➤  Supporting all approved City of Cupertino Plans;

➤  Encouraging new projects and plans to increase safety and enjoyment for all walkers and cyclists;

➤  Encouraging active commutes to schools for all students and working with Safe Routes to School;

➤  Encouraging active transportation to shops, work, parks, and local points of interest; and

➤  Providing data, maps and information for all local residents who have an interest in walking, running, hiking or biking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's that project in my neighborhood?

Find all about bike and ped projects in your neighborhood on our Projects & Funding page here. We list all of the current and recent past projects there by location.

How do I know which candidates support walking and biking in Cupertino?

Walk-Bike Cupertino surveys all the candidates for the City Council and sometimes for other races as well for their positions on walking and biking. The information comes out in February before the primaries or in October before the election so you can make an informed decision. The 2022 information is found here for City Council Candidates and the 2024 information for State Assembly candidates is here.

How do I (or my kids) learn to ride a bike?

The best way is to take a class! There are classes in Cupertino and in all the nearby cities as well. See more information here for Bicyling Solutions, which is perfect for adults: private/group lessons. Middle School students can also take classes through Cupertino Safe Routes to School. Classes are held each summer. See here for more information: Middle School Bike Skills Class.

How can I get more involved or help more?

We’re always looking for friends and neighbors that are willing to help advocate for a particular project, or just to improve walking and biking in general. Here’s some ideas:

Contact us about a particular project. We have lots of ideas on how to help! Email us at info@walkbikecupertino.org.

Report new incidents, concerns and areas needing improvement, so that we can get your concerns elevated and make sure they are included in the next Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans. (Click here to report.)

Attend Cupertino City Council meetings (first and third Tuesdays at 6:45pm) or email the Council to let them know that bicycle and pedestrians issues are important to you, or that you support a particular project.

Want to help more? Consider whether our Advisory Board is a good fit for you. Email us at info@walkbikecupertino.org to ask for more details.

Where's a good place to hike locally?

Click here for some great information on hiking locally.

How do I keep my kids safe while riding?

See our great safety tips here for riders of all ages! Classes are also a great idea. Here are two options: private/group lessons, or a summer bike clinic for middle schoolers.

Don’t forget that YOUR advocacy can make it safer for you to ride and walk in Cupertino. Working together, WBC has successfully advocated for great walking trails, protected bike lanes, and safety measures around the city. Add your voice by signing up for the newsletter here, and by getting involved by contacting us here.