This photo was taken in November during our regular monthly meeting.

What comes into your mind when asked to get involved in the walking and biking community? You may imagine yourself walking or biking with a group of friends who also love to walk and bike. This is a great start! What about joining a meeting to share your ideas of making walking and biking a better experience for all? This is what our Advisory board members of Walk Bike Cupertino (WBC) do each month around the table. Our discussion is centered around our mission of identifying and supporting safe and easy walking and biking routes in our community, and making action plans to communicate with city leaders of specific improvements that will promote safer and easier ways for walking and biking, thus encouraging more people to join the Walk Bike community.

Monthly meetings

Our typical meetings run from 9am to 10:30am monthly on a Saturday. Meeting attendees sign up to share coffee/tea and treats and enjoy a casual conversation before and after the meeting. The first agenda item is One Minute Round Robin that gives everyone an opportunity to speak. Each member has a role to play every month, such as reporting on the Walk Bike projects, sharing about the city’s Safe Routes to School, Bike Pedestrian Commission, or Park & Recreation Commission meetings, or collecting ideas for the monthly newsletter, or organizing events including Earth Day, Bike to Work Day, Bike Fest, group bike rides, holiday parties and other outreach or social events for the Walk Bike community.

Let us know

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Guest Speakers

Sometimes, guest speakers are invited to join our conversation.  In March 2021, we invited David Stillman, Cupertino Transportation Manager to give us updates on all the city projects. In May 2021, the new Cupertino City Director of Public Works, Matt Morley, was meeting the board to introduce himself and his vision. This November, we welcomed two guests in the meeting, one representing Bike Sunnyvale, and the other a WBC member checking out what he can get involved more to support our mission.

Many thanks to our Board Chair Seema Lindskog for preparing the meeting agenda, inviting guests, and organizing us to have a productive meeting every month. Being a guest in the meeting is one step further to get more involved than just reading our monthly newsletter, which is also a great way to stay informed.

Thank you for your continuing interest

If you are interested in being our meeting guest, please email to receive details of the next meeting. No matter if you can attend the meeting in person with us or not, we hope you will continue to enjoy walking and biking, reading our newsletters, participating in our events, voicing your support in the meetings hosted by the city, and sharing your passion of walking and biking with your families and friends. All of these are great ways to get involved and build up our Walk Bike community.