Walk Bike Cupertino has been getting  a lot of press lately for our efforts to make walking and biking safer and easier.

Recent news stories have centered on two issues: the continued safety issues at Calle de Barcelona and Finch near Cupertino High, and the replacement of the bridge over Stevens Creek near McClellan Ranch.

Mercury News breaks story on intersection safety issues

The Mercury News was the first to report on safety issues at the Barcelona/Finch intersection. Journalist Stephanie Lam inteviewed and quoted WBC board members Henry Widjaja and Jennifer Shearin for the story.

The article also highlighted the petition signed by hundreds of parents to add a stop sign to this location and how the local school does not oppose adding one. For more information on this location and its issue, see this WBC article.

Watch this video of the news clip on the intersection.

KTV2 picks up intersection story

The story was then picked up by KTV2, including an interview with WBC Board Chair Seema Lindskog, along with commentary from Henry Widjaja, a WBC Youth Advisory Board Member since 2023.

WBC has been advocating for at least six months to add a permanent fix for the safety issues for cyclists heading to and from Cupertino High. We know this is a problem area, and we’re glad to see that it’s getting more press.

McClellan Bridge becomes San Jose Spotlight Story

Recently, Journalist Annalise Friemarck from the San Jose Spotlight highlighted how the McClellan Bridge was far past its lifespan at more than 100 years old, but there were still not enough funds to rebuild it. KRON 4 subsequently picked up the story from the San Jose Spotlight, giving it further press.

Chair of the WBC board, Seema Lindskog, was quoted in the Spotlight article, encouraging better safety in that area. “If you’re a senior or you’re a family with small children, it’s a little bit nerve-wracking to cross when you don’t have very good visibility like that,” she told San Jose Spotlight.

Watch this video of the KRON report on the bridge.

Other news outlets, including the SF Gate then picked up on the story.

We hope that these articles will prompt lasting and needed changes at this intersection and help the city obtain the additional funds to build a new bridge. WBC cares about the safety of all our residents of all ages, whether on the way to school or just enjoying healthy exercise. Together, we are increasing visibility of these issues!

The information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and Walk-Bike Cupertino and does not reflect the opinions of any other organization or entity. For more information, contact WBC at info@walkbikecupertino.org.