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Dear Esteemed Mayor Mohan, Cupertino City Council and Staff,

I encourage Council to support the Bollinger Road Design and Traffic Analysis CIP item.

The safety of our residents should be prioritized. This short stretch of road has seen two fatalities in just the past few years, and many more accidents and near-misses. Many pedestrians and cyclists avoid using Bollinger at all, due to the numerous safety issues including vehicle speeding above the limit, the curved road and bike lanes next to parked cars which cause bike lane incursions and potential “dooring”, and unsafe pedestrian crossings including no marked crossings for ½ mile stretches.

This CIP item is to perform a traffic study, and then make a design using that information. Some community members, many not from Cupertino, have raised fears that traffic flow for cars will be affected. This CIP item does not approve any construction changes on Bollinger. It is merely a step toward deciding what we as a city want to do to address the real safety concerns. 

The study and design have received a state grant covering 80% of the funding, with only 20% required in matching funds ($100K). This is a modest expenditure that we have in our CIP budget, especially considering that previous year CIP projects have come in under budget so there are extra funds.

Thank you for considering my input, and your work on behalf of Cupertino.