We are happy to announce that a pedestrian trail extension of the Stevens Creek Trail is now open north of Stevens Creek, where the trail had previously ended. It is now possible to cross from the south side of Stevens Creek Boulevard by going under the road overpass and onto the new trail on the north side.

This was made possible when former Cupertino Mayor Richard Lowenthal and his wife Ellen Lowenthal purchased the land north of Stevens Creek Boulevard, with the express intent of building a pedestrian and cycling trail that would connect Varian Park and the Stevens Creek Elementary area with Blackberry Farm and beyond. After purchasing the land, the Lowenthals worked with the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail to clear the space for a pedestrian trail. Further work will be required to allow bicycle traffic in the future.

The Lowenthals also gave the land to Cupertino that made the Linda Vista Trail. Read more here.

The new trail goes under Stevens Creek Boulevard, allowing hikers to avoid crossing where more than 10,000 cars pass each day

Below is a step-by-step guide to how to walk the new trail from Varian Park to Blackberry Farm.

Many thanks go to the Lowenthal family for making this trail happen for our community! We hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy it soon.

1. Start at Varian Park, toward the Varian Park vehicle path used by Cupertino Parks personnel.

2. Continue on the vehicle tracks, then turn left toward the chain link fence. 

3. Follow the path as it goes along the chain link fence line.

4. Continue along the edge of Crescent Circle. (Note the signs to make sure you don’t lose your way!)

5. Go downhill on the concrete and down 40 shallow steps.

6. Continue on the path, which has been cleared for foot traffic.

7. Continue on the path down toward the creek.

8. Continue toward the underpass.

9. Go under the underpass and then up the right side (thereby avoiding crossing with cars going past).

10. Continue on trail as it goes uphill toward Blackberry Farm.

11. Continue on path, ending at Blackberry Farm pavement in front of Stocklmeir House.