A new map has been released by the Rails-to-Tail Conservancy (RTC) and the Bay Area Trails Collaborative (BATC) which shows the new plan to connect over 2600 miles of regional trails. This can increase access for millions more people to enjoy outdoor walking, biking, and hiking. Per the RTC, this means that 4 million jobs, 1500+ schools, and more than 88% of all residents will be within two miles of the network when it is completed.

Because building this network would be a boon for the California Economy, the California Transportation Commission is recommending a $2 billion–yes, billion–investment in California’s Active Transportation Program from the 2022-23 general fund surplus to support creation of trails throughout the state.

What does this mean for us locally? We have the chance to get some of these funds close up some of the gaps in our trail system here in Cupertino and in the surrounding area.