Even as Santa Clara County opens up by allowing residents to dine-in at restaurants, not everyone will feel comfortable doing so—or even should, because of age or condition. Here’s a great idea for a way to have your restaurant food, and safely eat it too: bike and picnic! It’s a fun and healthy way to get out of the house and enjoy someone else’s cooking.  Don’t forget to bring your tablecloth and tableware. Here are some ideas in right in your area of Cupertino!

Bike & Picnic: Rancho Rinconada

Oren’s Hummus Shop has been doing a great takeout business since shelter-in-place started. Their full menu is available, including their hot and fresh homemade pitas, rice bowls, or the hummus plates for which they are justifiably famous for.  After picking it up (see map), you have two good options. You can bike 1 ¼ miles to Sterling Barhart Park, a tiny park with a few picnic tables—but attached to the lovely Saratoga Creek Trail here in Cupertino for a continued ride after—or Creekside Park only ¾ mile away.  The best spots at Creekside Park are the tables located by the young children’s playground at the northeastern edge of the park, or a single table at the southwestern edge of the park, though there are many more located in the center just behind the community building, which has restrooms.

Bike & Picnic: City Center

Coconuts Fish is happy to bring out your food right to your bike so you can be on your way quickly. Their perfectly grilled Hawaiian Mahi-mahi or ono makes their fish tacos or fish over brown rice, the “Fish Mountain”, a satisfying delicious yet not heavy meal. After you pick it up, it’s just a short ½ mile ride to Wilson Park, where you will find picnic tables in several areas on the east side of the park, past the baseball diamonds. The nicest tables are located near the young children’s playground, on the northeast edge of the park.  A second option, less than ½ mile away, is Portal Park. It also has some nice shady tables, but note it does require crossing Stevens Creek Boulevard to get there.

Bike & Picnic: Jollyman

There are several options for a great takeout meal in the Jollyman area, and all just a quick ½ mile ride from Jollyman Park. Try Go Fish Poke Bar, where you choose each seafood (or vegetarian) selection on a base of rice, fresh greens, or chips, with your choice of homemade sauces.  It’s located in the same center as 85 Degrees Bakery, so you can get dessert at the same time too! Another great place is Ajito, a Japanese Yakitori restaurant where you can get a yummy bento box or other grilled options. Once you arrive at Jollyman, make your way to the northeastern edge of the park, next to the children’s playground there, and you will find some nice shady tables. 

Bike & Picnic: Mary Avenue

If you live near Memorial Park, you’ve probably tried Hobee’s blueberry coffee cake, which they are now offering to go. If you are looking for more than a snack, try Kobe Pho in the same center, which not only serves delicious Pho to go, but also other Vietnamese specialties. Both are right across Mary Avenue from Memorial Park, which does still have several nice places to share a picnic though it doesn’t have its enjoyable waterways anymore. (Luckily, the geese have mostly left too.) Unfortunately, most tables do not have shade, so consider this when planning your outing, but there are many tables so it is unlikely you will not get one.

Bike & Picnic: West Side

There are fewer options for restaurants on the west side, but still a couple of great spots! Bike over to highly rated City Fish or Thai Bankok Cuisine, both located in the building across from the Cupertino Post Office. City Fish is known for their creamy clam chowder and crispy, fresh fish and chips. Thai Bankok Cuisine offers traditional Pad Thai and Pad See-ew, but also some fresh curries. After picking up your food, take a short ride over to pick up the Stevens Creek Trail on San Fernando down to McClellan Ranch, just a bit over a mile. McClellan Ranch has outdoor picnic tables in shady and sunny spots (note, their buildings are currently closed as the writing of this article, so check if you are planning to go if they are now open).  Afterward, enjoy a nice short nature ride on Stevens Creek Trail up to Stevens Creek Boulevard, about 1 mile away.

Wherever you go, thank you for supporting Cupertino restaurants and keeping them going when it is very difficult to stay open and in business!  We hope that these have been good suggestions for you when you are considering “what to do?” when it seems that nothing is open.  Happy cycling!

Neither Walk-Bike Cupertino or its board members or the writer were compensated in any way for these recommendations. Bon Appetit!