Well the summer is almost gone already, and what do we have to show for it, dear readers?  

Russ & Sheila Stevens, fresh from their ice cream social last month, kick off our newsletter with a blurb for their “Bay In 2 Days” tour in late October. This is highly recommended, the Comms Guy attests, and adds his report on their successful “Tiny House In 2 days” tour from last month. There seems to be no stopping this dynamic couple!

Jared Smolens writes about a contribution of a convenient rest area and picnic table halfway up Mt Hamilton, created by Jon Graff. Muy tells of a few indefatigable cyclers on this year’s Death Ride; the Saratoga Car Rally and the Ride Leaders Luncheon, and Madame Secretary relates the success of our 4th of July Pancake breakfast.

Dates to remember: Eastern Sierra Escapes coming up Sept 9-24, Big Sur Overnighter October 19 & 20th, “the Bay in 2 Days” October 26 & 27th, and we really need volunteers to help with the Viva Calle San Jose on Sept 22.Please contact Tony Le if you can.

Many thanks to Editor Colette, Publisher Lee, our writers and our photo contributors, without whom we most assuredly wouldn’t!

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Now ditch the remote, catch you on the download, and don’t forget to have fun,

Ed Irvine, communications@actc.org
Comms guy and bicycle repairman