Who are the supporters of the Regnart Trail?  Though many walking and biking advocates outside the City limits of Cupertino support this trail (and other local trails), the vast majority –approximately 90%– of the petition signers are from the city of Cupertino.  Here is an illustration of the distribution of petition signers within Cupertino as of 8/28/18 (each green check represents a signer at an address):

As shown, 60-70% of Cupertino signers are from the City Center/Wilson Park area. This makes sense, as having the trail located close to their homes, they will realize the most benefit from it. Also not surprisingly, many are very enthusiastic about it. Some comments from the petition are, “As a pedestrian, I have wished for this access for years”,  “Creating safe bike routes to schools and parks is critical to the safety of our kids”, and “Can’t wait!”.

The majority of the Wilson Park/City Center signers are parents of school children, from young elementary students up to high school. As one Cupertino High parent stated, “This is great plan. If there was a safe bike [path] to school, I don’t have to drive every morning in the crazy traffic jam near the school to drop them off.”  An Eaton Elementary parent stated, “My kids and I would use this to walk to school. I think it’s a great idea!”  Most comments focus on safety for children, such as, “I support the trail as my kids bike to school. Biking on La Mar is dangerous.“ and “Keeping our kids safe is an utmost priority.”

Other petition signers are excited about the trail encouraging healthy living, reducing traffic, and more.  Some comments were, “This trail would be awesome to run or walk my dog,” “A more walkable and bikeable Cupertino is the key to relieving local traffic congestion,” and “[This trail] may encourage more timid folks to try bike riding and others to choose walking instead of taking a car.”

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, now is your chance!  Join the almost 500 of your neighbors (and local community organization endorsements, shown here: Endorsements ) who have affirmed that this trail will be a key link in Cupertino’s improved system of biking and walking trails, Class IV bike lanes, and Bike Boulevards. You can also add your comments to add weight to your petition vote. Here is the link to the petition: Regnart Trail Petition. Thank you to everyone who is making this trail go from a possibility to a reality!

Information in this post is solely by the author as a resident of Cupertino and does not represent any organization other than Walk-Bike Cupertino.