David Brandt’s award from WBC

The July 3 City Council meeting had two significant items for biking and walking local community members.

First, WBC’s Larry Dean presented a “thank you” award to outgoing City Manager David Brandt for all his efforts to improve our bicycling and walking infrastructure here in Cupertino.  David has been our City Manager for 6 years now, and has managed the city staff to create Cupertino’s 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan, and last year’s Pedestrian Transportation Plan. Walk-Bike Cupertino thanks David for all his hard work and dedication on behalf of the residents of Cupertino to improve our city.

The council meeting continued later with more resident advocates for the Regnart Creek Trail during Oral Communication.  Speakers included Jim Davis, a long time cyclist, and Simran Raheja.  Simran spoke on how her children will use the trail as a school route, and also the need for these types of trails to encourge independence in children, which was very appropriate just before the 4th of July. Saagar Sanghavi, outgoing President of the Tino Bike Club, discussed how many Cupertino High Students that he knows could use the trail as a way to school, as well as for meeting friends.  He noted that many parents won’t let their children ride bikes here after the death of a high school student several years ago near Monta Vista High.  Also speaking at the meeting was Zvi Ashkenazi, who emphasized how the trail could encourage more exercise for everyone and improve safety.  Two residents living adjacent to the proposed trail also spoke out against the Regnart Creek Trail, stating concerns about a loss of trees at the Cupertino Library fields area and other safety concerns along the trail.  The work by the Cupertino City staff continues on the feasibility study to address concerns and create an overview plan for the Regnart Creek Trail, with results expected in August.

The City Council meetings for July 17 and August 7 have been cancelled.  The next scheduled meeting will be August 21, 2018.

Discussions with Walk-Bike Cupertino Advisory Board members and local residents indicate that more speakers will be coming forward during the City Council’s Oral Communication to express their support of the plans for the Regnart Creek Trail.  If you wish to express your support, please sign our WBC petition (http://bit.ly/Regnart-Trail-Petition), send an email to City Council (citycouncil@cupertino.org), and/or contact a Walk-Bike Cupertino Advisory Board member to discuss speaking at an upcoming City Council meeting.  Opinions expressed in this post are by the author as an indenpendent resident of Cupertino and do not represent any organization other than Walk-Bike Cupertino.