At the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission several topics were discussed, including potential changes to the Master Pedestrian Plan and options for the McClellan corridor portion of the Bicycle Master Plan.

Several residents came to speak to the commission about upcoming events and their concerns with the Bicycle Plan.  Upcoming events discussed are a family bike day to celebrate National Bike Month planned for May 6 in San Jose’s History Park; Bike to Work Day on May 10;  and Main Street Cupertino’s Bike Rodeo on April 7.   Our own Walk Bike Cupertino Board Chair Larry Dean also discussed the new Bike Pump stations being installed in all the local middle schools (sponsored by WBC and Rotary) and urged the need for further bicycle training for adults and children.  One local resident, Julie Miyakawa, spoke on behalf of neighbors living behind the library on the proposed Regnart Creek Trail. Her neighbors are concerned that creating the trail will allow children to throw rocks at the houses, which was a problem in the 1970’s prior to fences being built between the creek bed and the homes.

A large portion of the BPC meeting was a discussion of potential changes to the Pedestrian Transportation Plan.  The Pedestrian Plan was scheduled to be presented to the City Council in December 2017, but was postponed due to requested changes from Cupertino Recreation & Community (formerly Parks & Recreation).  After extensive discussion,  the BP Commission approved the following changes [this is condensed, go to the official minutes at for complete information]:

a) Add:  Walkway or Shared-use path: San Fernando/Blackberry Farm Entrance between Byrne Ave and Blackberry Farm Park

b) Add:  Shared Use Path: Linda Vista Park to Stevens Creek County Park (shared use path west of Phar Lap to UPRR is dependent on Tier 3 UPRR overpassing)

c) Add:  Grade Separate Undercrossing McClellan Ranch West at McClellan Rd.

d) Add:  Walkway or sidewalk, west side of Mary Ave, Oaks Shopping Center to Casa de Anza

David Stillman, City Transportation Engineer, presented proposals for a short term improvement (not protected Class IV) for the De Anza/McClellan intersection due to traffic flow and setback constraints.  Until resolved, bike traffic will be routed north on Westacres and the crossing will be at Rodrigues.  Five treatment options for the intersection at McClellan and Westacres/Kim:  Jug Handle pullout, Regular Rapid Flashing Beacon, Push Button flashers, Raised Intersection, and High Visibility Crosswalk Painting.   The commission members favored the options of Jug Handles and/or Push Button flashers.  A general recommendation was also made to study the amount of bike traffic on McClellan before and after Class IV bike lane implementation.

A general invitation was made to join the February 6 City Council study session on the Bike Boulevard implementation and the February 20 presentation by City Staff to the City Council on the Pedestrian Transportation Plan.  All residents are invited and encouraged to attend.

Attending this month were Commissioners Sean Lyn, Jennifer Shearin and Gerhard Eschelbeck (Commissioners Linskog and Heller absent); City Staff David Stillman and Gail Seeds; Larry Dean and Byron Rovegno from Walk-Bike Cupertino; Anne Ng from Friends of Stevens Creek;  Teen Commissioner Juliet Shearin; Public Safety Commissioner Robert McCoy; Julia Miyakawa, Cupertino resident; and Diane Solomon from Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

For a full listing of the Bicycle Plan, the Pedestrian Plan, commission agendas and complete minutes, go to