The proposed Regnart Creek Trail “Walkshop”  was well attended, with over 60 residents living in the area participating for the walking tour along the site of the proposed trails.  This “Walkshop” was a first look at the trails for many residents, as they are currently fenced and unwalkable.  The trails are along Regnart Creek, extending west from E. Estates across from the exit at Creekside Park, continuing to Blaney and then onward west (parallel to Rodrigues) to the City Hall/Library area.  A connecting trail would also extend south along the creek (parallel to the Library parking lot) from Pacifica to Rodrigues.

Benefits of the trails would include allowing parents and children to ride more safely to the library and Civic Center area; add a more pleasant walking path for residents, making exercise easier; increase resident connectivity (meet your neighbors!) making our community safer; and increase the value of our neighborhoods with a great new amenity.

City staff, engineers and engineering consultants discussed concerns and comments with the participants.  Of particular concern by the residents were:

  • the treatment for an area between E. Estates and Blaney, where there is an access point (a culvert) for Santa Clara County Water to reach the creek,
  • the front of homes just west of Blaney which currently face a city trail/path.  These will see increased foot traffic (loss of privacy), and
  • a possibility of increased crime for homes along the trail, especially those that have currently installed unregulated gates to the creek path.

Residents attending the workshop were encouraged to voice their concerns, and also to write down their comments on provided sheets for recording.  Further meetings will occur about these creek trails so that other residents can voice their comments and concerns regarding these changes.  Look for upcoming announcements on these meetings here on the Walk-Bike Cupertino website.