The latest Bike Pedestrian Commission meeting discussed issues with the upcoming Cupertino Bike plan implementation, and criteria for determining priority of Cupertino Pedestrian Plan projects.  The BPC also discussed a recommendation for the City Council to eliminate the bicycle registration requirement, and a proposal for handling right-turn signaling in protected bike lane intersections. Commissioners Heller, Shearin, Eschelbeck, and Linskog were in attendance.

Concepts were presented by David Stillman, Lead City Engineer, for the McClellan Road Class IV (protected) bike lanes for the following locations: (1) McClellan from Byrne to Felton (just east of DeAnza Blvd); and (2)  Pacifica east of DeAnza Blvd to just west of Torre.  It was agreed that the following areas should have sidewalk-level bicycle lanes: McClellan from Byrne to Imperial, north side only;  parts of McClellan from Stelling Rd to Bonny Dr; and much of McClellan from Kim St. to DeAnza Blvd.  The Class IV treatments which divide the bike lanes from vehicle lanes should be attractive, effective, and maintain their appearance and effectiveness long-term.  Plastic bollards  will not meet these requirements.   David Stillman will be presenting plans to the BPC for the DeAnza Blvd/McClellan intersection in August or September.  (The current concept drawings presented for that intersection do not reflect the intent of the city engineering team.) HMH, a civil engineering consulting firm,  is currently working on concepts for the Class I trail (Regnart Trail) which will connect the McClellan Class IV lanes to the Class I bikepath at Creekside Park.  An update will be given at the next BPC meeting.  HMH is also working on concept drawings for the I-280 and Stevens Creek Trails.

The complete list of projects and prioritization criteria for the Cupertino Master Pedestrian Plan were distributed to the commission.  It was agreed that the criteria should be modified to remove “Feasibility” as a weighting criteria of 10 points and change that to “On a School Route” weighting of 10 points.  This change will change the priority and order of the proposed projects.  The updated list will be distributed to the commission members before the next BPC meeting.

Erik Linskog, BPC Commissioner, presented and led the discussed about protected intersection right-turn treatments.  How this is handled in European countries was highlighted.  As plans move forward for Class IV bike lanes in Cupertino, this issue will be discussed further.

BPC Commissioner Shearin made a requested a recommendation that the Cupertino City Council strike regulations related to bicycle registration and associated fees (11.08.020 and 11.080.40 through 120 inclusive). The motion was passed unanimously.

A motion was made to recommend that the City Council strike Municipal Code regulations 11.08.020 and 11.080.40 through 11.080.120 inclusive.  Heller made the motion, Eschelbeck seconded. Motion was passed unanimously.  David Stillman will be presenting the BPC recommendation to City Council as part of a package of other recommendations.

Items to be discussed on future agendas include School Walk Audit results/recommendations (Julie Chiu, Cupertino City staff), bike racks at local businesses (Jennifer Shearin, BPC Commissioner), and Foothill Boulevard roadway conditions (Sean Lyn, BPC Commissioner).