• An update on the Pedestrian Plan was given by Toole Design Group , including reviewing community feedback and walk audits.  The draft plan should be completed in early summer, with an expected final plan available July 2017.
  • The Bicycle Master Plan was also discussed. Final drawings for the class IV bike lanes along Stevens Creek Boulevard and McClellan Avenue are in process, with installation occurring by the end of 2017.  Bike Boulevard locations were also presented along with possible traffic calming features along the boulevards.  There will be three types of bus pull-offs along Stevens Creek, to allow bicycle and buses to ride safely.  There are also a few issues along McClellan Road with setbacks to residents’ properties, with a proposal being discussed.
  • The Earth Day Family Bike ride will be on April 22, with all BPC commissioners riding in the event.  Commissioner Pete Heller designed the 7.5 mile route through Cupertino, starting at Civic Center on Torre Avenue.  David Stillman (Cupertino City Senior Civil Engineer) will provide the water for a break in Memorial Park.  Commissioner Jennifer Shearin will create flyers to advertise the event.
  • A community public safety forum was proposed by visiting Public Safety Commissioner Jerry Tallinger. Potential topics for the forum are any Cupertino safety related items, including traffic, school, pedestrian, earthquake, etc.  Forum could be educational, informative, or working groups on a topic.  All residents and interested parties would be invited.  Commissioner Sean Lyn agreed to be the BPC representative to the initial planning meeting for the forum, with support from other BPC commissioners.
  • Commissioner Erik Linskog will be proposed to City Council to act as Cupertino’s representative to VTA BPAC (Valley Transportation Authority Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee) at the next City Council Meeting.

This summary has been abbreviated for space and relevancy.  For complete minutes, please see the Bicycle Pedestrian webpage at: http://www.cupertino.org/index.aspx?page=51.