Attendees: Vidula Iyer, Sean Lin, Gary Jones, Pete Heller, Erik Lindstrom, David Stillman, Gerry Tallinger, Shivani Dripathe and sons Amay and Akosh (CHS student), Gerhard Eschelbeck, Craig Hofstetter, Revathy Narasimhan.

General Info:

Larry Dean CEEF 2014 Cropped Larry Dean reported that the all five of the Cupertino Middle Schools being scheduled to have bike safety classes starting this year. The SRTS team and the schools SRO from the Sheriff’s department will head up and conduct the sessions as a “beta test” of the Palo Alto curriculum.

Gerry Tallinger reported on the publicity needs for the semi annual bike safety training that the city conducts.

David Stillman – Reported on the marketing efforts for the SRTS program: Logos, safety fact sheets, tips and preparation of lit packs to be distributed electronically and paper.

He also reported on walk audits conducted by the Tri-school staff, David/Chelsea and Alta. Report attached.

Gary Jones on the VTA: No meeting held.

Bike Plan Update: Is still a work in progress and will become clearer in the next 30 to 60 days. Initial focus will be on:
Class IV bike ways on SCB from Foothill Blvd to Lawrence
McClellan road from Byrne to the East Side
SCB Bridge over Hwy 85;

Hiring consultants to conduct feasibility studies `$300K+ for:
SCB Class IV
HWY 85/SCB Bike Ped bridge
Union Pacific RR bike/Ped route
Trail inside the 280 sound wall from Mary to Wolfe Road

David is in the process of getting bids for consulting and conducting the feasibility
studies. The process should take several weeks.

Several carryover items from last year’s budget – a bike route through Varian and several other parks are being postponed and incorporated in to the 2015 Parks Master Plan, due in 2 -3 months. It was noted that there is no restriction on riding a bike on a paved paths in Cupertino parks.

Protected intersections. The committee reviewed examples of protected intersections, primarily at DeAnza/SCB and SCB/Stelling. You can see examples of them in section 3 of the Bike Plan.

Bike on Sidewalks: Dick Blaine – fellow Walk-BIke Cupertino Advisory Board member – thoroughly researched and submitted recommendations to the BP committee on where and who should be permitted to ride bicycles on walks and crosswalks. The BP committee agreed with not allowing cycling on crosswalks. After much discussion, the commission agreed that students 12 and under – along with guardians – ought to be able to ride on residential sidewalks with exceptions. Pete Heller is going to draft a proposal for next meeting. It will have several months to go through the approval process.

Part of the budget also includes hiring an outside firm to help the community conduct a pedestrian plan.

That’s all for now.. Hope you are having a nice weekend.