Hello Scott,

Thanks for asking as both of these are actively being worked on. We do intend on scheduling an item for the September 15 Council meeting with a recommendation to continue the existing Recology Early Pick-Up program. Although there continues to be occasional opposition based on noise or lack of effectiveness, we have monitored the program closely and have found, even with only partial volunteer participation, moving some of the garbage toters out of the bike lanes have been an improvement.

On the truck prohibition, we are currently in process of installing the necessary signage near the school zones. We will also be bringing the ordinance back to Council on the September 15 for a very minor modification to improve the enforceability based on feedback from the Sheriff’s department.

Timm (Borden – Director of Public Works, Cupertino)

From: Scott Hughes
Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015 10:20 PM
To: Timm Borden
Cc: David Stillman; Roger Lee; Larry dean
Subject: Questions from WBC

Hello Timm,

At a recent Walk-Bike Cupertino meeting, a few things were discussed which we hope you could provide us with a brief update.

The first being the results of the Recology Pilot program for adjusted pickup time on selected streets

And the second being an update on the implementation of the new truck ordinance.

Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.