Hello SR2S Working Group Members!

Thank you to everyone who came out on Monday to a second successful working group meeting! J I enjoyed seeing many of you again and meeting some of you for the first time. We do apologize to those of you who could not make the meeting due to scheduling conflicts and will continue to work hard and schedule future meetings for times when a majority of the group can attend. As always, if you have a preference for certain days and times that work best for meetings, please email that information to me or saferoutes@cupertino.org.

Following my presentation on Monday, there were great conversations had in our table groups about where to take Cupertino Safe Routes next and how to best elevate awareness and gather more participation in the program. I am so thrilled with the feedback all of you provided me on the worksheets about best communication channels, networks to get in touch with for program promotion, interests in hosting events, and program resource suggestions. Between now and our next meeting together, I intend to comb through your feedback sheets in detail and create a priority list of next steps for myself and the SR2S teams to discuss in our next meetings so that ideas and projects will be further along by the next time we all meet as a working group.

For your reference, I am attaching the agenda, handouts, and ppt. presentation  from Monday’s meeting. Please let me know if you would like anything else or have any questions.

Two Reminders!

  • Please re-visit Cupertino’s new SafeRoutes2School Website before our next meeting and come prepared with feedback! There are great resources and step-by-step guides for setting up Safe Routes projects in schools.
  • School Administrators and PTA members: I would love to come and present or prepare written materials for your upcoming meetings or Back to School events! If interested, please email me with the event information and what you would like me to prepare (written materials, summary, flyer, powerpoint presentation, in-person visit, etc)!!

I will be in touch in the coming weeks with the date and details for our next meeting,



Chelsea Biklen

Safe Routes to School Community Coordinator

City of Cupertino | 10300 Torre Avenue |Cupertino, CA 95014

408-777-7609 |chelseab@cupertino.org | www.cupertino.org/saferoutes