Hi there – Had a good meeting last night and here are my observations:

  • David Stillman’s (Cupertino Senior Civil Engineer)  main input was that some of the recently approved bike/ped improvements (more green bike lanes, etc.) are underway with priority being placed on the projects Which are near schools and the goal of trying to complete the work before the start of school in mid-August.
  • The consultant to facilitate the CY2016 Bike/Ped plan has not been hired yet; still working through the contracting process. They should still be on board in time to complete 6 month and a more robust bike/ped plan by May 2016.
  • Jim Wiant, Cupertino Bike/Ped representative to the VTA, presented a summary of VTA ridership as requested by Commissioner Vidula Iyer at the June meeting.
  • Chair Pete Heller led the group in finalizing the Mission Statement and Objectives for this Bike/Ped commission.
  • Gary Jones voiced a concern about the Bubb/Stevens Creek intersection where there are 2 right hand turn lanes. The concern stems from the increased quantity of large vehicles in the 2nd from the right turn lane that is causing some cars in the far right turn lane to creep over the crosswalk and Into the bike lane to look toward the left before turning.  The concern is for the safety of eastbound ped/bikes on this south side of Stevens Creek. David Stillman said he could study the issue. That’s about it for the meeting recap.