The author on his Lectric e-Trike XP

I am a 79-year-old senior with a balancing problem with controlling my legs. It is becoming progressively more challenging to walk and ride a regular bicycle. But I want to maintain my independence and continue to enjoy the outdoors. My solution was an e-trike. My daughter found this great price for a foldable e-trike for about $1,500 from Lectric, which is very affordable. It has a rear wheel differential with a 500W motor. Without the 14 Ah battery, it weighs about 65 lb. I can fold it and place it into my Prius V for long-distance transportation. The battery can last 30-40 miles with light pedal assist on level ground. It has enough power to go up some of the steepest hills in Saratoga, though you will have to do some pedaling with the single-gear e-trike.

Riding My e-Trike

This e-trike is built very sturdy. I do much of my triking alongside the Union Pacific Railroad tracks from McClellan Rd. to Saratoga Ave. I try to challenge myself to ride over the rough gravel next to the track, giving an extremely bumpy and challenging ride. I’ve repeatedly done this for 3 to 5 miles, and so far, nothing has shaken loose. I would challenge someone to do this with a bicycle. The rear wheel differential works fantastically with great traction, even over a deep pile of gravel. There is no suspension, but the saddle has spring suspension with a couple of inches of travel. My ear balance is still working fine, so I can maintain my balance fairly well.

“I want to maintain my independence and continue to enjoy the outdoors. My solution was an e-trike.”

The e-trike rides very differently from a bicycle. Because it does not lean into turns, you must learn to lean your body into fast turns, or you may be in danger of tipping over. Riding the e-Trike XP by Lectric is a lot of fun. My only wish is that it would have at least three gears because, above 7 miles per hour, you are pedaling too fast to be effective. I forgot to add that the e-Trike also has hydraulic disc brakes for those steep Saratoga hills.

If you are interested in buying an inexpensive e-trike here is a link to the Lectric e-Trike XP. You will find it hard to find such great features for such a reasonable price.

I hope to see more seniors out in the neighborhood with their e-trikes!