This month, Walk-Bike Cupertino welcomed three new board members from the local Cupertino High Schools of Monta Vista and Cupertino High. They will be the voice of students to our board, plus have the opportunity to have the support of the Walk-Bike community for initiatives they’d like to work on. Look for their articles in our upcoming newsletter–such as Aaryan’s already this month–and around at community festivals and at in the City Council Chamber soon!

Aaryan Doshi

Monta Vista High School

Aaryan Doshi is a sophomore at Monta Vista High School and will be a WBC Youth Advisory Board Member from 2023 to 2025. As far back as he can remember, Aaryan has always had a passion for outdoor activities, whether that be to bike, play sports, or take walks around the neighborhood with his family. Being surrounded by nature has taught him to cherish and preserve it, and this is the driving force behind Aaryan’s ambition to make the world a more eco-friendly and sustainable place for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. To promote environmental science education, Aaryan frequently visits local libraries to teach young children about the importance of sustainability through fun and interactive ways. His most recent workshop featured a sustainable city challenge designed to help students grasp the challenges of developing a green city and what they could do to help. In his free time, he enjoys reading books, biking, hiking, and playing basketball with his family.

Henry Widjaja

Cupertino High School

Henry Widjaja is a senior at Cupertino High School and will server as a WBC Youth Advisory Board Member from 2023 to 2024. Henry is an avid cyclist and has biked to school since 5th grade. He was originally born in Maryland and moved to California. His true inspiration for joining the board was the disparities in bike safety comparing the two communities, combined with his passion for biking. Henry wants to more strongly push for legislation in the community that promotes safe and convenient bike paths, as well as advocating for the use of cycling as opposed to cars. He often bikes around Cupertino and wishes to see the city grow into a sustainable and greener city through policy amendments, community advocacy, and public speaking. To pass the time, Henry enjoys playing badminton, swimming, and browsing the internet for the most interesting political news.

Senna Rogoyski

Monta Vista High School

Senna Rogoyski is a junior at Monta Vista High School and will be a WBC Youth Advisory Board Member from 2023 to 2025. Since she was little, she always loved to go on hikes with friends and family, especially with her dad. During the summer, when the weather is sunny and nice, she usually goes to beaches and collects seashells there. She loves going on small walks and short bike rides with those she loves the most. Recently, she has attempted gardening as her grandmother has been one of her biggest inspirations. Lucky to have those closest to her by her side, this encourages her to give back to her community whenever she can. She helps out by volunteering at her nearby library, calling seniors who need people to talk to, helping out at animal shelter events, and helping create free programs for people to join. As she loves spending her time outdoors walking and biking, she hopes to spread this to others.