Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by exploring Cupertino’s wonderful outdoors? Whether you prefer biking, walking, or hiking, we have some great tips to ensure you have a great time outside. 

The Stevens Creek Trail is perhaps one of Cupertino’s most well-known attractions during the summer. Stretching from the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains to the San Francisco Bay trail, it is the perfect place for cyclists to get their mileage in for the day! However, this trail is by no means easy, spanning nearly 6 miles. (Note, there is no connection right now from Cupertino to portions north of Sunnyvale.)

When tackling this trail, be sure to have a large bottle of water, a cap, and ample sunscreen. A small backpack with these essential items would definitely help!

The newly opened Regnart Creek Trail (courtesy of Walk-Bike Cupertino’s hard work!) is 0.9 miles and provides a great way to move around the city, connecting the library and City Hall in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Rather than commuting through the busy streets, bikers and pedestrians alike can reach their destination while appreciating the calm outdoors. 

Don’t forget to bring a shopping bag when you use the Regnart trail. You can stop off at the library through the new gate or–only steps away on De Anza Boulevard–go get lunch, to the bank, or to a pharmacy.

Stay healthy, happy, and safe on any given excursion.

⚠️ When you go out, bring 16 to 32 ounces of water and a small snack to regain energy from burned calories.

⚠️  Always wear sunscreen and consider how many hours you are outside in the sun.

⚠️  Watch for heatstroke in summer temperatures. Here are the signs from the CDC.

⚠️ Avoid biking or walking outdoors at night as cars tend to drive much faster, and it is hard for them to notice passersby. Make sure your bike has lights (front and rear) and wear bright colors or a reflective yellow vest so that anyone can see you.

⚠️ While hiking, learn what are the possible risks and how to mitigate them. See here for our latest article on safety while hiking.

⚠️ Follow your medical professional’s advice for how much (and how) you can exercise, especially during the summer months.

⚠️ Use trails to get places—they are usually cooler than pavement, and using them avoids car traffic that may not be as aware of pedestrians as during the school year.

Blackberry Farm is probably one of Cupertino’s most scenic spots, offering an excellent summer swimming place and a lengthy and beautiful bike trail of around 1.3 miles. One of the more unknown entrances is on Stevens Creek (see picture between Crescent and Phar Lap), taking people through an area of lush trees and the Blackberry Farm Golf Course, which is almost always crowded during the summer.

Blackberry Farm has great swimming programs for the summer, including lessons and a doggy swim at the very end of the season!

Other great places to explore are the Stevens Creek Mcclellan Ranch Preserve, Seven Springs Trail Loop (shown in picture), and the Stevens Canyon Trail.

Don’t forget to check out the nature exhibits and community garden at McClellan Ranch!

Have a fun and healthy summer – happy walking and biking 🙂

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