Walk-Bike Cupertino volunteers doing minor bike repairs, checking tire air presssure, and doing helmet fittings

St. Jude’s Episcopal Church on McClellan and Stelling in Cupertino held its first Blessing of the Bicycles on April 24, 2022. The parish welcomed the community to this inaugural event with Walk-Bike Cupertino facilitating safety checks on bikes and helmets and holding prize raffles for the children.

The morning event began with Walk-Bike Cupertino volunteers Helene Davis, Seema Lindskog, Erik Lindskog, and Jennifer Shearin helping parishioners fit helmets, pump tires, and perform basic repairs.

Walk-Bike Cupertino volunteers and parishioner J.R. Fruen

The assembled congregation then gathered outside the church sanctuary for an interactive reading from the Book of Ezekiel, with a special emphasis on the symbol of the wheel. The church rector, Rev. Aaron Klinefelter, conducted the blessing, invoking gratitude for safe streets and trails, and protection from hazards. 

With the bikes (and bicyclists!) thus blessed, Rev. Klinefelter, on a bicycle specially fitted with a processional cross, then led the congregation in a bike ride through the neighborhood. Those joining enjoyed a supplemental “blessing” from Jennifer Shearin’s bubble machine which showered riders with a continuous stream of bubbles.

The procession then joyfully concluded where it began in the church courtyard.

Reverend Klinefelter conducting the Blessing of the Bicycles

Would Your House of Worship Like to Do a Bike Blessing?

If your church, temple, gurdwara, synagogue, or mosque would like to conduct a bike blessing as well, please reach out to Walk-Bike Cupertino. We would be delighted to help.

Two of our winners of t-shirts and a bike bubblemaker!

After our ride, we held a raffle for a few prizes that we brought with us: Walk-Bike Cupertino tshirts and a bubblemaker that blows bubbles while you ride. Three lucky winners enjoyed receiving these prizes.

It was a very enjoyable morning, and fun was had by all. Walk-Bike Cupertino would be happy to help other houses of worship for a bike blessing as well. Contact us here.