AB122 is a California Assembly Bill that would allow the “Idaho Stop”, known as the bicycle stop-as-yield law first legalized in the state of Idaho in 1982. Arkansas was the second state to legalize both stop-as-yield and red light-as-stop in April 2019. Studies in Delaware and Idaho have shown significant decreases in crashes at stop-controlled intersections.

On April 22nd 2021, the California Assembly passed AB122 on a vote of 53 to 11. More than 75 organizations across the state signed a letter in support of the bill. On June 29th 2021, AB122 passed the California Senate Transportation Committee on a vote of 14 to 2. On Sept 1st, AB122 passed the Assembly on a 50 – 17 bipartisan vote, after passing the Senate on August 31 on a 31 – 5 bipartisan vote. AB122 now moves onto the Governor’s desk for consideration. Once passed, AB 122 would allow bicyclists to yield the right of way at stop signs to vehicles already in an intersection without coming to a full stop.

Please read the CALBIKE (California Bicycle Coalition) webpage “Bicycle Safety Stop Law” and send a letter of support. Walk-Bike Cupertino will soon send our letter of support to join the effort of making California the 10th state to legalize the “Idaho Stop”.