Having the protected lanes in place helps people biking with children feel more confident about doing so.  This summer, my mom friends and I were able to use them with the kids and I seriously doubt that we would have ever considered this route without them because of the speed of the cars along that strip.  Looking forward to having the whole path from the library available and hopefully, fingers crossed for luck, to getting the Regnart Creek Trail.

“I seriously doubt that we would have ever considered this route without [the new bike lanes] because of the speed of the cars along that strip.”

I am really grateful to the people who worked hard to make this path a reality.  This route really opens up the West side of Cupertino for me.  I have ridden it before and after the improvements.  Before, I really felt it was very risky for me as an adult but not professional bike rider.  It’s good that someone is thinking about routes that help people get around safely on bikes and creating a safe East/West bikeway really helps create a city that helps people who don’t want to drive everywhere.  Biking is great exercise and it doesn’t pollute the environment but without dedicated people working hard for solutions, the streets are just built for cars.  I also think it helps for the students consider biking as an independent alternative to being dropped off in a car.  I think it is great is it to have a path connecting Monte Vista High School and DeAnza College!

While I understand that some cyclists might be frustrated by the safety features on the bike lane, they are meant to prevent serious accidents and deaths. We all mourn the loss of one of our younger riders just a few years ago on this stretch of road.


As phase two begins construction this month, all ages can all look forward to safer biking in this area. I’m pleased we are making this happen for our community.


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