Do you like trails better than the roads because of having exclusive access for walkers and bikers without having to stop or watch for cars? Some trails are hidden in plain sight, right in the middle of our beautiful city! 

Welcome to the unpaved, walk/bike-friendly Union Pacific Trail that runs by the railroad tracks between Stelling Road and Bubb Road. You can start at Stevens Creek or Bubb Road and walk South towards Saratoga. Enjoy the beautiful majestic oaks on your way! This trail is frequented by walkers, bikers, and our four-legged friends. Having large, mature trees along the path helps with the shade especially as the days get warmer with summer. 

What is more interesting is the myriad of smaller trails that the UP trail leads to once you go hit Prospect. At Prospect, you can choose to continue on the trail towards Saratoga-Sunnyvale, or choose to turn right towards the Fremont Older Preserve. Each of these is a treat on its own!


Go towards Fremont Older Preserve and enjoy the quiet uphill climb on the Parker Ranch Trail. You might even spot a deer or two ☺ You can go walk up towards the Fremont Older Preserve and choose any of the interconnected trails up there. Our favorite is getting the views up and above from the Hunter’s Point!

If you don’t like the uphill climb, then continue past Prospect along the railroad tracks, past Saratoga Sunnyvale. At this point, the trail becomes paved and is a part of Joe’s trail as maintained by the City of Saratoga. You can go all the way to 85 on this trail.

The wonder of these trails is that you can choose how hard, or how long you want to walk or bike. The interconnected trails, right in the middle of the both Cupertino and Saratoga is a blessing for us residents!

Happy trails!