Drivers need to be very careful to not turn across the new bike lanes on McClellan without looking to see if a bike is traveling along the lane first. If they do not, it can cause what is called a “right hook”, which can be dangerous or even deadly for cyclists.

Cars should always use a turn signal to indicate they are turning, as cyclists can then watch for the car not to turn in front of them. Unfortunately, use of turn signals on vehicles is not consistent or even common among many Cupertino drivers.

The only defense for a bicyclist is to watch at every intersection for a car to potentially turn in front of their bike.


Listen/watch for a driver rapidly slowing down on your left and look for a turn signal.

The City of Cupertino have built new separated bike lanes on McClellan Road. While these bike lanes physically separate cyclists from motor vehicles using posts and curbs on portions of the roadway, there are still some basic safety precautions cyclists and motorists should take while traveling down McClellan Road.

In this video from the City of Cupertino, learn how to avoid a “right hook” and help keep everyone safe.