-This article and links are published by the City of Edmonton, Canada. It has relevant and specific advice for cyclists and motorists using separated bike lanes, bike boxes, and marked intersections. With the newly configured McClellan/Bubb and McClellan/Stelling intersections, there will be some confustion about the 4 green boxes with arrows in the four intersections corners. These are called Bike Boxes. While not exactly like the new McClellan Road separated lanes, you should find this article helpful as you travel in Cupertino – whether by car, bike or foot.

Bike Network - Bike Turn Box

Green Bike Turn Boxes painted at intersections provide cyclists with a safe way to turn left or right. These boxes can be found in the bike lane or in a driving lane.

On Your Bike:
  • Move into the green box found either in a bike lane or driving lane
  • Position yourself in your new direction of travel and wait at the red light
  • When the light turns green, proceed through the intersection
In Your Car:
  • Do not stop in a green Bike Box
  • When the light is red, stop at the painted white line behind the Bike Box
In Your Car and on Your Bike:
  • When stopped at an intersection, do not stop on the “X”


Note: Crossing two lanes of traffic to make a left or right turn from a protected bike lane is not permitted.

Bike Turn Box Video – Turning Left

Bike Turn Box Video – Turning Right