SEPTEMBER 17 IS THE MAKE OR BREAK DAY FOR THE REGNART TRAIL. On Tuesday Sept 17 at 7pm, the City Council will vote on whether the city should continue working on the Regnart Creek Trail. We expect heavy opposition from anti-trail residents who live along the trail.


Without enough support that night, the trail project will die. There is no do-over. If you can come, please email

If there isn’t a large number of people there in support that night, the trail project will die right then.  There’s no do-over, or a ballot measure that can change things. A great outcome would be at least 20-30 speakers and 100+ people to come show their support even if they don’t speak. Wear green to show your support!

There is no way to know how this City Council vote will go. The 10 or so very vocal anti-trail residents have pushed back aggressively against the trail at every single Bike Ped Commission meeting and every single City Council meeting. The City Staff have conceded to their demands, going well beyond reasonable and typical measures and spent 100+ hours meeting with them. The net result is that there are many people, including City Council members, that may think their inaccurate anti-trail statements are true.

It’s strange that a trail that would benefit so many people–with over 1600 petition signers and more every day–might not pass because of  a small  group of “squeaky wheels”.

IT’S ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO HAVE STUDENTS COME SPEAK. We’ve been told by several council members that children and teens make a huge impact on them. It’s a great learning opportunity for kids on civic participation and they feel proud to stand up and speak for something they value.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 at 7 pm TO COME TO CITY COUNCIL. Without your help, this trail may not happen for our community.

If you can come, please send an email to or click this link to let us know you will be there.

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