After a torturously long meeting the Linda Vista Trail extension was unanimously approved by Cupertino City Council at 2:15am!
Many thanks to the 130 people who signed Luis Buhler’s paper petition, the 63 people who signed our online petition, and especially the following people who toughed it out and stayed to speak in support of the Linda Vista trail at the end of a very, very long Cupertino City Council meeting:
Subra Kumarswamy
Andrea Stawitkce
Larry Dean
Tim Oey
Samuel Feldman
Luis Buhler
Hung Wei
Anne Ng
Steve Garrity

All the public speakers were in favor of the trail, no one was opposed. Nonetheless there were thrills and chills as council member Liang Chiao made multiple attempts to kill funding for the Linda Vista Trail. In the end though, even she voted to support staff’s and the Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission’s recommendations.
Finally, extraordinary thanks to the Cupertino resident and former city council member who worked hard to negotiate with all the neighbors of the Linda Vista trail parcel to secure their approval, acquire the necessary land in a deal that had many challenges, and then offer it as a donation to the City of Cupertino to make this trail a reality.
You would think this would have been a slam dunk, but it wasn’t and it took a lot of people working together to make sure it happened.
Hats off to all of you and congratulations on achieving our goal!
Sincerely,Tim OeyPresidentFriends of Stevens Creek Trail