(reprint from solicitation of support)

Dear Friend of Stevens Creek Trail,
You are receiving this email because you had expressed interest in important news about the Stevens Creek Trail in Cupertino. We wanted to inform you of an important item that is on the Cupertino City Council agenda for Tuesday, June 18, that will have serious implications for the future of the Stevens Creek Trail.

Agenda Item 17: Subject: Public hearing to consider and approve the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP); and the Recommended Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-20; and the Adoption of the Recommended Budget; and Establishment of the Appropriation Limit, and related actions; or take other action to approve interim expenditures. Recommendations: 2. j. Approve the removal in appropriations of $2,200,000 for Linda Vista Trail. The Linda Vista Trail is an extension of the Stevens Creek Trail south from McClellan Ranch Park to Linda Vista Park.  The property owner has offered to gift the land to the City for the purpose of building the trail and opening it to the public.

City Council welcomes community input. If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please consider adding your voice by attending the meeting Tuesday night and speaking for the City keep the Linda Vista Trail in the CIP. If you cannot attend the meeting in person consider emailing City Council: Email All Council Members
The Regular City Council meeting will begin at 6:45, or later if the Special Study Session at 5:30 runs long. The address is: 10350 Torre Avenue, Council Chamber, Cupertino.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail