Hello all,

Exciting news! Cupertino is gearing up to start building a separated bike lane network. For an explanation of separated bike lanes, see this video: Protected Bike Lanes 101.

The first segment of Cupertino’s network will be on McClellan Road between Imperial and Stelling. While the majority of the construction work will take place this summer, pre-work for the project such as tree removal and underground utility locating (called potholing) will begin this week while CUSD and FUHSD schools are on vacation. Construction itself will begin in May. Safety will be our number one priority during construction. Routes for pedestrians and cyclists will be maintained, and construction will start each day at approximately 9am, after classes are in session. While there will be some inconvenience to Lincoln, Monta Vista and Kennedy families at pickup time for the last three weeks of school due to road narrowing during construction, we believe that the huge benefits of this project, once completed, will outweigh the temporary inconvenience.

The City of Cupertino, CUSD and FUHSD are working closely together to address school concerns, and guarantee there will be active, timely, and consistent messaging to families about this project. Expect additional letters, information on our respective websites and social media channels, and notices with additional details in the coming months. Attached is a letter CUSD and FUHSD are sharing with their families about this project.

The project website for this first segment of Cupertino’s network has gone live: www.cupertino.org/mcclellanbikelanes. The community is already discussing it on NextDoor. Feel free to chime in!

Ride on!


The City of Cupertino–in partnership with the Cupertino Union School District and Fremont Union High School District–is pleased to announce a new road improvements project aimed at creating a safer environment for our students, families and residents, particularly those who bike to work and school.

The City’s first leg of a new network of separated bike lanes will be built on McClellan Road from Imperial Avenue to Stelling Road. This project is intended to improve biking conditions to Lincoln, Monta Vista, and Kennedy schools. Cupertino’s separated bike lanes will physically separate cyclists from motor vehicles using posts and curbs.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin on Monday, May 20, 2019 and will last for three months if there are no unanticipated delays. Pre-construction activities will begin the week of February 18, while CUSD and FUHSD schools are on break. This pre-construction work will include tree removals, which is part of the approved plan. This work will help expedite project completion prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

For more information, visit www.cupertino.org/mcclellanbikelanes.