It can be hard to decide which electric bike is best for you. We’ve made the process a little easier for you with our list of the best electric bikes: cruisers, available today. FacebookTwitterGoogle+EmailRedditPinterestShare

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omruiser bikes have been a popular choice for cyclists for over almost a century. The earliest models came on the scene in the early 1930’s during the Great Depression and dominated the bicycle market until the late 1950’s. While they went into decline for several decades, cruisers made a big comeback in the late 90’s, and today’s modern electric versions are becoming a must have for e-bike enthusiasts around the world.

Cruiser bikes are sought after for people who prefer a casual and comfortable ride. Their large, sturdy frames and wide tires make them easier to control, for a relaxing ride down the boardwalk or beach. Traditionally, cruisers were known to go rather slow and it was sometimes hard to keep up with sportier models. Today’s electric bike cruisers come equipped with advanced lithium ion batteries and powerful motors, and keep pace with other electric bikes on the market.

If you’re the kind of man or woman who likes to ride your e-bike through the city, taking in the sights in comfort and style, then an electric bike cruiser might be the perfect choice. However, with so many brands competing for your attention, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. We’ve made the process a little easier for you, with our list of some of the best electric bikes, cruisers more specifically available today.

Evo City Wave by BH Bikes

Best electric bikes: Evo City Wave by BH Bikes

The Evo City Wave is a great e-bike for cruising around the city. It’s modern design, combined with classic cruiser features, creates a stylish ride that anyone would love.

It also has an extremely powerful motor, capable of topping out at 738W when running at peak performance.

Are you getting an electric bike cruiser for the occasional weekend outing or concerned about how well your bike will perform after storing it away for the cold winter months? The Evo City Wave comes with a Battery Management System. It will go into “deep sleep mode” when left unattended. A battery with as little as a 10% charge can be recharged up to 400 days later with no problems. It also comes with an unbelievably fast charge time for this style of electric bike. It will charge up to 80% capacity in only 1.5 hours!


  • Battery – 432Wh
  • Motor – 500W
  • Weight – 57.9 Pounds
  • Range – Up to 60 Miles
  • Speed – 20 Miles Per Hour
  • Price – $3,099

Classic Comfort Cruiser by Pedego Electric Bikes

Best electric bikes: Pedego side view

Pedego is one of the most well-known and respected company’s in the electric bicycle industry. Their feature rich Classic Comfort Cruiser is an incredible value. The powerful Samsung lithium ion battery is cleverly designed into the rack over the back wheel, creating a more streamlined frame. It is also made with comfort in mind, featuring a soft saddle and wide balloon tires. You’ll be in for a smooth and fun ride no matter where you go.


  • Battery – Lithium Ion with Samsung 5160 Cells
  • Motor – 500W
  • Weight – 51 Pounds + 7 to 9 Pound Battery
  • Speed – Up to 20 Miles Per Hour
  • Price – $2,295

Cruz by Vintage Electric

Best electric bikes: Cruz by Vintage Electric side view

The Cruz by Vintage Electric is a unique blend of cutting edge technology and vintage style. The unique aluminum battery box is designed to make the electric bicycle look more like an early 20th century motorbike, perfect for cruising around town.

The most unique feature of this e-bike is its ability to switch from street mode to race mode. The powerful 3,000W motor makes the Cruz capable of zooming past the competition at up to 36 miles per hour. It can easily transition back to the standard speed of 20 miles per hour in order to remain street legal by your local city ordinances.


  • Battery – 702Wh
  • Motor – 3,000W
  • Range – 35 Miles
  • Charge Time – 2 Hours
  • Speed – Up to 36 Miles Per Hour in Race Mode; 20 Miles Per Hour in Street Mode
  • Price – $4,995+

Aveny by blix Electric Bikes

Best electric bikes: Aveny by blix side view

The Aveny is the latest model created by blix Electric Bikes. It’s European style and luxurious details make this e-bike perfect for any urban dweller. It comes with a classically styled rear rack and sturdy, bamboo lined basket with cup holder.

If you want a modern, stylish cruiser with plenty of space to haul your morning coffee, and shopping bags, then the Aveny is the ideal choice. It also has an impressive range of 40 to 60 miles, twice the amount of many competitors.


  • Battery – 396Wh or 630Wh
  • Motor – 350W
  • Range – 40 to 60 Miles
  • Charge Time – 3 Hours
  • Speed – 20 Miles Per Hour
  • Price – $1,990

Colt by Surface 604

Best electric bikes: Colt by Surface 604 side view

The sleek and sophisticated Colt by Surface 604 has modern style with the traditional cruiser benefits. It’s sturdy frame, comfortable seat and adjustable handlebars make it a great choice for riding around the city all day. It also has a rear rack that can hold up to 100 pounds of weight, perfect for carrying along your backpack, briefcase, or grocery bags.


  • Battery – 500Wh
  • Motor – 500W+
  • Weight – 55 Pounds
  • Range – 45 Miles
  • Charge Time – 5 Hours
  • Speed – 20 Miles Per Hour
  • Price – $1,899

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing electric bike cruisers available to fit any lifestyle or budget. Whether you’re looking to spend top dollar on a luxuriously styled beach cruiser, or want a more modern design that’s comfortable and easy to control for your morning commute, there is a model out there that’s perfect for you. Regardless of which option you decide on, you’ll be a winner. No matter what, you’re guaranteed to gain freedom from car dependency, save money on gas and have a lot of fun adventures in the process.

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