Be Safe -Please ride with care during these winter months… The days are now very short!

  • Wear bright clothes.  It’s almost impossible to see you if you’re wearing dark colors during overcast days and evenings.
  • Make sure you Use lights – even mid-day is recommended to be seen.  If you don’t know what to buy or use, write us at – or check out our local bike shops at this partnership link.
  • Follow the Rules of the Road If there are painted bike lanes, use them; if there are Sharrows, ride over or to the right of them – you have the right to ride on the road!
  • Buy a Rear-view mirror that mounts on your glasses, handle bars or helmet.  Once you have one, you won’t leave home without it – you’ll find comfort in knowing what’s behind you…. See Best Bicycle Mirrors Review
  • Be courteous and friendly.  At an intersection, make eye contact to ensure the driver sees you.  Give them a friendly thank you hand wave…..Safe Rides!