Walk-Bike Cupertino has conducted a survey of the 2018 Cupertino City Council candidates. Specific questions were asked about their support for walking and biking infrastructure and their ideas to increase the use of alternate transportation here in Cupertino. Our elected officials make key decisions on how our tax dollars will be spent and whether to focus on making Cupertino a city where it is easy and safe to bike and walk to destinations. It’s important voters know where these candidates stand on these issues to make an informed decision.

The Walk-Bike Cupertino Board has rated the candidates’ answers on a green-yellow-red scale (see methodology box, below) as an easy voter guide. There are several candidates that have scored green, including Savita Vaidhyanathan, Hung Wei, Darcy Paul, Tara Sreekrishnan, and Orrin Mahoney. Following those candidates were Jon Willey and Liang Chao, who supported some projects, but had reservations or caveats in their answers so therefore scored yellow. No City Council candidate scored red. Tim Gorsulowsky did not respond to the survey.

Note: Councilmember Liang Chao has recinded her signature on the Regnart Creek Trail petition since this survey was completed. Her rating for that box would then change to red as a result.

Each candidate was sent the survey multiple times to the email addresses provided on their websites.  Thank you to all the candidates who participated. We appreciate the time you spent to give thoughtful answers during this busy campaign season.

Though WBC does not endorse any candidate, we hope that we have provided useful information so that our neighbors can make an informed decision on their ballots. We have also sent surveys to 2018 FUHSD and CUSD school board candidates, whose responses will also be published on this website, so you can be fully informed.

This content is solely owned by Walk-Bike Cupertino and reflects only the views of the WBC Board as a whole. Please contact us for permission if you wish to republish this information or use it in campaign materials.