Given how small a percentage of all miles of road in Cupertino intersections form, it may be surprising that 37% of all reported accidents take place in intersections. Visibility and awareness are even more important in these crucial dangerous areas. The most common action a cyclist is taking when injured by a motor vehicle is proceeding straight, while motorists are most commonly making a left turn when an accident happens.

Intersections are places where pedestrians cross the road. Especially at less-well-lit crossings like residential streets and intersections without a marked stop, pedestrian caution is necessary in great amounts to ensure safety. Though there are no legal guidelines to ensure pedestrian safety, as there are for cyclists, pedestrians can help ensure their safety in low-visibility conditions by wearing more brightly colored clothing and by attempting to cross primarily at marked locations.

To reduce risk, motorists should take more caution when making turns in intersections. Collisions with bicyclists are common and severe when drivers do not check their blind spot as they make lane changes across bike lanes for right turns. Everyone in our community benefits from increased awareness and safety!