This map can be found in a zoomable form, with more data available, here.

Cupertino is a place  where residents should feel safe walking and biking at any age. The less-strenuous exercise afforded by recreational cycling and walking is especially important for our young community members and our seniors. However, pedestrian and cyclist accidents significantly impact these two groups.

As you can see from the above graphic and this interactive map, accidents involving young people and seniors are clustered more on the east side of Cupertino. This area tends to have denser housing and higher concentrations of these populations, so this correlation is not unprecedented. However, more measures can be taken to decrease these accident rates. Traffic calming measures and other safety measures like more designated bike lanes are planned for some areas with accident clusters, like the Rancho Rinconada neighborhood and along McClellan Road and Stevens Creek Blvd.

More accident maps can be found on Walk-Bike Cupertino’s Accident Data Maps page here. For safe routes developed to decrease accidents in Cupertino, see the City Safe Routes page here. All residents of Cupertino deserve to be well informed about their safety, and everyone should be properly educated about measures to reduce their risk.