Posted by Nanette Jackson, Grant Park Neighborhood, Sunnyvale

Hi Neighbors,

We need LOTS of helping hands. Please take just a couple minutes to add this project to Caltrans on their bike plan. And then tell all your friends to do the same.

Caltrans provides the bridge on Homestead Road over 85 that our children take to West Valley, CMS and HHS. The bridge is currently NOT wide enough to add a bike lane or multi-user path. And, for the safety of our students going to West Valley, Cupertino Middle School, and Homestead High, extending the bike/pedestrian path from the Los Altos/Sunnyvale border on Homestead Road would be extremely helpful.
(Please see attached photo for location if the description above is unclear. The pink area shows Sunnyvale city boundary. The blue arrow indicates the area we are referring to here.)

We need you to help fill out the following form to add this path extension request before DECEMBER 22, 2017:

Please read through for more information on other planned projects and click on “this form” to add this as an additional project to be added to the list.

Here is a template:
County; Santa Clara
State HWY= 85
Specific Location: Homestead Road over 85 in Sunnyvale

Currently there is a multiuser bike/pedestrian path on the north side of Homestead in Los Altos. It would be great to extend this path into Sunnyvale over 85 to allow young kids and families to more easily and safely walk, bike, or roll to West Valley Elementary, Cupertino Middle School, and Homestead High. Homestead Road is heavily travelled and we would like our children to be safe when biking, walking, or skateboarding to school. Many students use the bike/ped path but this pathway ends at the Los Altos/Sunnyvale border, about a block from the 85 offramp & overpass bridge. The sidewalk and the overpass are both narrow and it would be nice if these could be added as a project. We would like to see Caltrans and City of Sunnyvale work together on this project to extend the pathway on Homestead Rd toward the overpass bridge.

Thank you on behalf of all the children traveling on this road.