Last week, Homestead High School held another Bike Stampede. It was a fun morning. There were over 300 students biking to school that day. A dozen teachers and staff biked in with them. In addition, some members of Sunnyvale city government and FUHSD biked with the students too:

Larry Klein (Sunnyvale city councilmember)
Gustav Larsson (Sunnyvale Vice Mayor)
Roy Rocklin (FUHSD board member)
John Cordes (Sunnyvale BPAC)



To add to the celebration, parents passed out a Krispy Kreme Donut to all who biked, and President of Stevens Creek Trail and Sunnyvale BPAC member, Tim Oey, passed out bike bells to students.  Cheers to all!


Larry Klein (Sunnyvale council member);

Sharlene Liu (HHS SRTS parent);

Gustav Larsson (Sunnyvale Vice Mayor)