David Stillman has been promoted to Transportation Manager for Cupertino.  A nine year city-staff veteran, Stillman’s focus is squarely on transportation issues, planning and implementation in the city.

“Prior to July, 2012 David Stillman, in the Public Works transportation section, reported to the Assistant Director of Public Works for Engineering. After the retirement of that Assistant Director, the position was not filled and Mr. Stillman reported directly to the Director of Public Works. David has taken on more responsibility in the Public Works department organization with supervising professional engineering staff, Safe Routes to School staff, and well as traffic signal technicians. He has also become the City’s ADA Coordinator, and has managed a concerted city-wide focus on the new bike plan and pedestrian plan. He also is the liaison for the Bicycle Pedestrian Commission. This coming year, David will also hire and supervise a new senior planner that will be working on transit solutions for the city, including possible shuttle and ride-share programs.”  (Timm Borden, Directory of Public Works, city of Cupertino).
Reporting to David are Julie Chiu and Jennifer Chu, Associate Engineers. Both Julie and Jennifer support all the operations of the Transportation Division, including day-to-day traffic ops, customer requests, project management, and interfacing with other local and regional agencies.  You can contact David at Davids@cupertino.org or (408) 777-3249.
Congratulations to David – you have the broad shoulders to manage and execute Cupertino’s many programs and projects to “Make it Safe and Easy to walk and cycle in Cupertino!”