(This email chain/request to Cupertino City Staff was from late last month.  Residents in the Stelling/Rainbow area might find it of interest. )

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dear Chelsea, David, and the Bike-Ped Commissioners,

I volunteer as a part of Walk-Bike Cupertino and want to first thank you for the fantastic work you are doing with the community! Both my kids and several of their friends walk/bike to schools and are very happy with efforts that we have underway for their safety.

I have a few requests around my neighborhood and would love to discuss or help with any outreach events for those:

  1. Pedestrian crossing at Poppy & Rainbow across Rainbow Drive: In the last 2 years, I have personally had to stop in the middle of the road several times to let fast cars pass by even though I had started crossing the intersection. There are many kids that cross using that cross-walk and it is currently very dangerous because it has a slope coming down East on Rainbow and a blind curve turning West into Rainbow.  At the minimum, can we get some flags installed at this location? Even better, can we prioritize having a lighted/on-request cross walk? I have added a map for your reference.


  1. Flags near Rainbow and Stelling: Several children use this intersection to get to and from Regnart and Kennedy/Monta Vista. Can we please install the flags so kids can use?
  2. Union-Pacific Trail: Byron (Rovegno) and I met Mayor Savita Vaidyanathan earlier this year and talked about getting a trail on the Union Pacific route from McClellan to Rainbow. I would like to offer any help in taking this further with the community and moving this forward.

Please let me know how I can help.





From: Chelsea Biklen
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2017 12:05 PM
Subject: RE: Some walk-bike items for your request

Hello Revathy,

Thanks for writing in. It’s exciting to hear that your kids are walking and biking!

  1. Rainbow/Poppy is one location identified in our upcoming Ped plan for future improvement. We’re not sure yet of what will be implemented but something will be put into place there in the future.
  2. Since we have a signal at Rainbow and Stelling we are not comfortable adding flags to this intersection.
  3. Our PW department is busy working towards conducting a feasibility study of this corridor. I think it’s perfect that you have reached out to David, myself, and the BPC so we know we have you in support of this moving forward. Thank you!

Hope this helps,


Safe Routes to School Community Coordinator

chelseab@cupertino.org | www.cupertino.org/saferoutes


Aug 29th, 2017

Hi Chelsea,

Thank you very much for your quick responses!

Item 1 – Great, will look forward to it.

Item 2 – Makes sense, thanks for clarifying

Item 3 – Happy to help in any way. My daughter and some of her friends bike back from Monta Vista on the UP trail and they really like it because (a) it is quiet, no cars, and is safer than Bubb/Rainbow/McClellan (b) the slope is a lot more gradual – so there are not as many rolling hills/ups/downs and the kids like that.