Dear Neighbors in Stevens Creek/Scenic Blvd neighborhood,

We have an idea to promote with the city – to install a pedestrian/bike bridge connecting Carmen Road over Stevens Creek Boulevard.  This original street was bisected many years ago when Stevens Creek Blvd was “lowered” to reduce the original steep grade, just above the Blue Pheasant. When you look at the site, it becomes readily apparent that this provides a more direct route for kids getting to school and connecting two great neighborhoods.

As you probably know, Stevens Creek Blvd is very busy and it is – practically speaking – not possible to cross it safely without going to cross-walks that are 1/2 mile apart.  The net result is that the ~130 Stevens Creek School kids living on the Janice/Scenic side can’t safely walk to school and the ~170 Kennedy Middle School or ~180 Monta Vista High School kids can’t easily go the other direction by bicycle or walking.  You can see a map along with attendance data at this link:

We think this bridge idea – a great neighborhood amenity – improves health, safety (both personal and neighborhood security), reduces traffic at Stevens Creek School and pollution.

If you think this is a great idea worth exploring, please sign the petition at this link as soon as possible:  It asks the city to study/evaluate the idea from an engineering and cost point of view. Important City Council meetings coming up in June, so please try to submit your support soon.