In the second half of 2016, 10 pedestrians and 21 bicyclists were hit by automobiles.  While quarterly incident counts have a wide variation, the annual trend has seen an increase over the past two years from 61 collisions in 2015 to 72 in 2016.   (Also please note that just six months s 2013 data was available.)

Of the 31 total reported incidents reported in 2H 2016, 25 resulted in injuries with 1 fatality – a pedestrian hit at Stelling and Greenleaf in August 2016 – with cell phone use being a prominent factor.  (Since the data capture started in 2013, there has been one bike fatality in October of 2013).

Of the 31 incidents in 2H 2016, some of the notable points are:

  • 11 were student age (18 years or younger);
  • 20 of the incidents were on our busy corridors of DeAnza Blvd, Stevens Creek Blvd, McClellan Road and the Wolfe Rd/Tantau/Homestead area;
  • 2 were hit and run incidents;
  • 1 fatality;

Note: Since 2013,  Walk-Bike Cupertino has been collecting accident information from the Santa Clara County Sheriff,  which has jurisdiction in Cupertino.  It does not include vehicle only incidents or traffic citations nor any unreported auto/bike/ped incidents.   We should also note that while Cupertino City officials are concerned and vigilant, the level of incidents may not be statistically out of the norm for a community of Cupertino’s size.  The data helps the reader appreciate the need for the re-engineering our city intersections, walk-ways and bike-ways for the safety of our children and community.  You can review the quarterly accident information files at this link.