Hi All!

Thanks for attending another great SR2S Working Group meeting last Wednesday. It’s so exciting to be around passionate community members like yourselves and watch our programmatic ideas come into fruition as physical changes. Attached are the materials from last week’s meeting including the powerpoint presentation, agenda, and SR2S Parent Champion Role description form. I’d like to take this opportunity to also thank everyone who has stepped up to be an SR2S Parent Champion at their school!

We now have SR2S Parent Champions at:
1. Monta Vista High School
2. Homestead High School
3. Cupertino High School
4. Kennedy Middle School
5. Lawson Middle School
6. Stevens Creek Elementary School
7. Lincoln Elementary
8. Sedgwick Elementary

We are still looking for SR2S Parent Champions at:
1. Eaton Elementary School
2. Collins Elementary School
3. Garden Gate Elementary School
4. Hyde Middle School
5. Regnart Elementary School
6. Faria Elementary School

If you are interested in becoming an SR2S Parent Champion please contact me directly! There is no minimum or maximum time commitment for this role; just a willingness to help coordinate occasional projects at your campus and be a line of communication between the City and your school community. J

– Next Working Group Meeting: Wednesday April 5th from 4-5 PM in City Hall, Conference Room C

Links to meeting materials:
Working Group Meeting Agenda (March 8th, 2017)
Working Group Meeting Slides (March 8th,2017)
PTA Safe Routes Champion Role Description