Throughout most of Silicon Valley, bike ways support only strong, confident bicyclists. Cities that have taken a bolder approach to system wide bicycle improvements have more bicycle commuters.

The collision density map and gap network is almost everywhere: which explains why only confident riders are out on the roads. I like the bike boulevard network proposal for the area’s regional goals for safety, congestion relief, and air quality. And some of the goals and policies especially 3 and 5 on a permanent staff position and vision zero are necessary. The projects are also good calling for regional coordination and utility value using NACTO standards when funding networks.

Silicon Valley Bike Vision – February 2017

Joint Venture and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition have published a regional study that lays out a vision for the bicycle to become a major mode of travel in Silicon Valley.

The report, “Silicon Valley Bike Vision,” was produced in partnership with Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc. and made possible with funding from Google, Facebook and Stanford University.

Download the report.