David Stillman, Cupertino’s Senior Traffic Engineer,  presented the Toole Design recommended Class IV (separated bikeway) scenarios for Stevens Creek Blvd, showing alternatives for separating bike  lanes by pylons, curbs, and planters.  Also showed were different configurations for bus stops and controlled right turn lanes.   See Council presentation slides.   The council seemed to prefer the  bus stop configuration where bike lanes are routed between the bus stops and pedestrian walkways.  Also discussed at length were separate signals controlling right turns for bicycles and right-turning vehicles.  These configurations would be used at major city intersections.

The McClellan Road  proposal incorporates separated bike lanes from Byrne to DeAnza Blvd, with a signed  bike boulevard east of DeAnza Blvd. to Tantau.  Major discussion ensued surrounding the pro’s and con’s of two separated lanes on each side of McLellan versus a 2 way bike lane on either the North or South Side of the street.  Details approach to both approaches to be sketched out and brought back to council.

The city’s goal is to have the detailed engineering completed this summer and to start work on selected phases by year-end 2017.