David Stillman will hire the pedestrian plan  consultant in the next week.  The selected firm has had experience doing the pedestrian plans in our adjacent communities. He hopes they’ll finish their work in 7-8 months like Alta did, but this project doesn’t have the same time pressure since City Council is not involved. Davidwith outreach to the community for participation.
2. David said he’d report on The protected bikeway projects for McClelland and SCB have been launched and he will update the commission at a BP meeting before year end.
3. Bike Rodeo was “unimpressive” with much work for little payback. BUT, the bike ride was successful. Will reassess for next year. Will do Earth Day next year.
4. Union Pacific and I-280 bike trail feasibility kickoff will be in the spring. Not enough resources to do sooner.
5. Walk-Bike Cupertino was acknowledged for SRTS which is underway now.
6. We spent considerable time on the amended ordinance covering bikes on sidewalks and crosswalks. The city attorney made comments and the BC is revising accordingly. Stay tuned for final version at a later date.