1. What do you think of the 2016 Cupertino Bike Plan?

Its a start…

2. The Plan’s Tier I projects total $15M. Do you support funding these projects over the next 5 years?


3. How do you rate Bike/Ped improvements versus street improvements/maintenance?

They would go hand to hand wouldn’t they?

4. If residents oppose specific plan enhancements in their neighborhood, will you still support the bike plan’s features and intents?


5. As a council member, what would you do to increase bike use for recreation and the community?

Developing bike use as the means to ride to work

a. Would you be willing to advocate for a trail along the UPRR tracks and/or on water district lands?


b. Would you be willing to budget funds to acquire right-of-ways for more trails in Cupertino?


6. Your closing comments.

Developing a bike culture in Cupertino would solve many of our traffic congestion challenges. It would appear counter productive but note New York City closed one of their busiest streets (Broadway) to car traffic and it actually improved moving people around in the city. Being the effect of developers and so called progress is resulting in congesting of cites and having always to play catch up and being on the defensive. We can use the streets to improve the quality of life by making them bike and pedestrian friendly. Reclaiming our public spaces is one aspect of building community. Bicycles can be a great impetus for this.

When building our infrastructure we can prioritize a bike friendly city. It could even be a draw for potential employees of local businesses when they have the option to bike to work. This is a huge challenge. I would suggest staying away from any kind of federal planning or funding influences and work with the local community. They are the ones who live here, The feds don’t care.