Walk-Bike Cupertino asked the 2016 Cupertino City Council candidates to respond with their thoughts on the current state of biking in Cupertino and the approved 2016 Bike Plan. Of the eight candidates, six responded with their insights; and two candidates declined to respond.

You can read each candidate’s answers by clicking on their name below. Feel free to follow-up with questions in the form directly following the responses and remember to vote on November 8.

Parth Bharwad
David Fung
Jerry Liu
Robert McCoy (Declined to respond)
Steven Scharf
Rod Sinks
Valdis Vitols
Kris Wang (Declined to respond)

Interview Questions

  1. What do you think of the 2016 Cupertino Bike Plan?
  1. The Plan’s Tier I projects total $15M. Do you support funding these projects over the next 5 years?
  1. How do you rate Bike/Ped improvements versus street improvements/maintenance?
  1. If residents oppose specific plan enhancements in their neighborhood, will you still support the bike plan’s features and intents?
  1. As a council member, what would you do to increase bike use for recreation and the community?
    1. Would you be willing to advocate for a trail along the UPRR tracks and/or on water district lands?
    2. Would you be willing to budget funds to acquire right-of-ways for more trails in Cupertino?
  1. Your closing comments.