Subject: BP meeting 8/17 Notes

Attendees: David Stillman, Erik Lindskog, Sean Lin, Gary Jones, Pete Heller, Craig Hofstetter, Byron Rovegno, Larry Dean, Jerry Tallinger. Vidula Iyer absent.

Open communication:
Erik Lindskog reported on the Valet Parking” program at Eaton, where volunteers hope the doors for kids being dropped off to expedite the process.

Larry Dean reported on progress for 6th grade bike training to start in September at all 5 middle schools. Larry also brought up the the status of last year BP projects. 9 projects totaling $600K not completed. About 1/2 were connected to the revised Parks n Rec plan in process. David confirmed that unexpended funds will roll to the next budget year and are additive to the newly budgeted funds – $2M – for FY17.

David Stillman. Reconfirmed the SRTS training for all sixth grades, along with additional programs. The city is negotiating a $175K contract with a bike/Ped consultant. Initial focus will be on Class IV for Stevens Creek Blvd. The consultant’s workwill range from concept design, engineering design, public outreach to project management.

VTA Report:
Gary Jone provided the VTA update (see article posting on site). He called out for a recognition of the 8 years of service that former commissioner Jim Wiant committed to this Role.

Stillman then reported on a $900K grant application to the VTA for the SCB Class IV Project which focuses on Primary Development Areas (PDA) The scoring is complete and are currently awaiting results.

Jones also reported on BP planning Webinars provided by the VTA. Next ones scheduled for 9/21 and 10/19.

Agenda Items:
Pete Heller brought a draft resolution to allow bicycles on city sidewalks for those 12 and under, along with guardians. Stillman to take verbiage to city attorney and then it will go to the city council for approval in 2 months time.

Bike Rodeo to be held on 10/1. Silicon Valley Bike Coalition (SVBC) will conduct the training and a family bike ride. Promotion is going out with school packets. Walk-Bike offered to host a booth at the event.

Potential bike sharing program was brought up by Gary Jones. After discussion, the commission decided that it was premature to investigate as Cupertino’s population density profile doesn’t match minimum needs.

Review of Alta’s Walk Audit of the Tri-schools area was reviewed and discussed.

Bike Parking Ordinance. Stillman presented new standards for bike parking and lockers for new developement project in Cupertino. It significantly increases available spaces. Next up is review but the Planning Commission.

Meeting was then adjourned.
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