Author: Vidula Aiyer (Bike/Ped Commission Chair)

Vidula Selfie 2016The Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission (BPC) is delighted to announce that the City Council adopted the 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan on June 21st. This plan provides a blueprint for expanded and improved education and encouragement programs and bicycle infrastructure throughout the city.

In 2015 the Council approved the engagement of Alta Planning + Design consultants to assist City staff with the plan’s development. After a comprehensive evaluation of the existing bike network and two community input workshops, a plan was developed in alignment with the goals and vision set forth by the BPC. The plan’s primary mission is to significantly increase the use of bicycle transportation for riders of all abilities and age groups, with a particular focus on safe connectivity to schools.

Below are a few of the highlights of the Plan:

  • Creation of a low stress, citywide bicycling network
  • Bicycling education, encouragement and enforcement to enhance attractiveness and safety of bicycling
  • Class IV separated bike lanes featuring physical separation between autos and bikes
  • Mostly off-­‐street loop around the city
  • Bike pathways and boulevards connecting neighborhoods


The Cupertino 2016 Bike Plan is truly a community effort and will help enhance residents’ lifestyle by providing greater accessibility to the healthy activity of riding bicycles for most any transportation need.

The 2016 Cupertino Bicycle Transportation Plan is available to view on the city’s website:

Sincerely, Vidula Aiyer

2016 Chair, Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission

p.s. Walkers, never fear! The BPC hasn’t forgotten you. Our next assignment is to develop the 2017 Cupertino Pedestrian Plan.